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Our expert team of industry professionals are here to provide you with quality feedback that can truly make a difference in your musical journey. Let us give your music the attention it deserves.
  1. Diverse Expertise: Our team of reviewers covers a wide range of genres, ensuring that we have the right expert for your music.
  2. Shareable Reviews: Enjoy the convenience of a direct link to your review, making it easy to share with anyone, anywhere.
  3. Marketing Power: Utilize your review for press kits and marketing materials, enhancing your credibility and reputation.
  4. Customized Feedback: Let us know your priorities, and we'll tailor the review to focus on the aspects that matter most to you.
  5. Review in Your Hands: Request a PDF of your review to keep it easily accessible for your records or to share with others.
  6. Speedy Review Turnaround: Rely on us to return your review within 1-3 business days, helping you fast-track your music promotion efforts.

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Primarily, we use Radio Airplay as a tool to gauge how our music is received by an audience that is not our normal "live performance" audience. We play shows all around Missouri and have gathered a loyal fan base there, but we are interested in how our music is received by people in other areas that are hearing us for the first or second time. We'll use things like fans per song ratio, and PopScores as a way to identify which songs have the most mass appeal, and then use these songs in competitions, etc.
— Shotgun Creek
Radio Airplay has become a staple in our marketing plans and have enjoyed a steady list of new fans in a very short time. This is the first time we've actually seen results and made new fans; not "likes" on Facebook, which are fine, but really do not add up to much. On Radio Airplay, the fans are real fans, providing their email and means of growing the fan/artist relationship.
— Wild Pack
Through the use of PopScore and other analytics Radio Airplay provides, we've been able to determine where in the world our songs do best in acquiring new fans & what songs listeners are most reactive to. With this information we're able to focus our "air time" on the songs that are doing best and plan our touring in the areas where our fans are located.
— Heavy AmericA

Free Song Contests

We're dedicated to supporting independent musicians like you. Let us help you gain more listeners, unlock incredible music promotion opportunities, and take your music career to the next level.
Submit your music for a chance to win weekly awards, including:
  1. Free Airplay: Get free airplay on Internet radio, expanding your reach to even more listeners.
  2. Playlist Opportunities: Showcase your tracks to a wider audience on the most popular playlists.
  3. Sync and Partner Offers: Open doors to exciting collaborations and partnerships in the music industry.
  4. Spotlight Features and Reviews: We'll put you in the limelight, share your story and much more.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to make your music shine.

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Radio Airplay proudly showcases the talented independent musicians who are making waves. We are dedicated to shining a spotlight on these rising stars, giving them the recognition they deserve. Discover fresh sounds and unique voices that are breaking through the music scene.

Airplay Plus

Experience the future of music promotion with our feature-packed airplay packages tailored to elevate your music promotion experience. We've got your back in taking your music to new heights.
Cost Cost $0 $12 $33 $100 $250
Monthly Plays Monthly Plays 100*
200 600 1,800 5,000
Monthly Bonus Plays Monthly Bonus Plays 0 0 100 300 500
Songs Songs You Can Upload 1 10 20 30 Unlimited
Photos Number of Photo Uploads 1 5 5 5 5
Data History Access to Historical Data 1 week All-time All-time All-time All-time
Free Award Plays Eligible for Free Plays from PopScore and other Awards programs No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Awards Eligible to Receive Popscores No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Message Fans Fan Messaging Tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Concierge Concierge Service No No No No Yes
Choose: Select Select Select Select Select
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  • All of our packages include the following features:
  • Data Reports: Where Your Music is Playing, Artist Overlap, Listener Demographics
  • Target Listeners: by Musical Taste, Age, Gender, Location
  • Target Popular Artists, Songs, and Genres
  • View Listener Details and Comments
  • Fan Collection and Management Tools
  • Ad Tools to Promote Your Music While it Plays
  • Post Upcoming Gigs to Fans
  • Integrate Links: Music Stores, Social Media, and Personal Websites
  • Support via e-mail & chat
*100 One-Time Sign-Up Bonus Plays