Guaranteed Airplay on Internet Radio

Get played to millions of listeners who like your style of music
You can even pick the popular artist you want to be featured with. Choose from Jay-Z to Coldplay to Lady Gaga and thousands of others.
Promote your music and get new fans
promote your music to the world!
promote your music to the world!
You can even pick the popular artist you want to be featured with. Choose from Jay-Z to Coldplay to Lady Gaga and thousands of others.

How Airplay Works

1. Upload music and target the right listeners
Start by uploading your songs and photos. Next, choose the popular artists whose music is most similar to your own.
2. Get played on internet radio and collect fans
Your music plays to listeners in stations featuring the popular artists you chose. These listeners are the most likely to become your fan.
3. Get reports and data on your new fan base
Receive detailed reports on your new fan base, a great resource for getting to know your audience.

Reports and Data

Radio Airplay artists get constantly updated reports on their fan base
We'll tell you when your music plays and to whom. You will also receive unique insights into how your music is rated by listeners.
Which songs have the most hit potential? Are you more popular on the East or West Coast? In Europe or Asia? Answer those questions and more with Radio Airplay.
Learn about your fans and what they like
charts and fans

Listener Targeting

Play your music to the people who will like it most
Pick popular artists and genres that fit your style - Radio Airplay will keep you spinning to listeners who are already fans of similar artists.
You can also opt in to premium targeting, which allows you to focus plays on more specific demographics of your choosing.
Target by artist, genre, location and more
Listener Targeting

Airplay Popscore

Every month Radio Airplay awards 100,000 bonus Play Credits to artists based on their Airplay PopScore
PopScore measures how well your music is received by listeners. Artists with a high PopScore also get opportunities for sync licensing and label submission.
Get new fans and earn bonus Play Credits
Get new fans and earn bonus Play Credits

Radio Airplay Plus

Cost Cost $0 $10 $30 $100 $250
Monthly Plays Monthly Plays 100*
200 600 2,000 5,000
Monthly Bonus Plays Monthly Bonus Plays 0 0 100 500 1,250
Songs Songs You Can Upload 1 10 20 30 Unlimited
Photos Number of Photo Uploads 1 5 5 5 5
Data History Access to Historical Data 1 week All-time All-time All-time All-time
Free Award Plays Eligible for Free Plays from PopScore and other Awards programs No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Awards Eligible to Receive Popscores No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Message Fans Fan Messaging Tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Concierge Concierge Service No No No No Yes
Choose: Select Select Select Select Select
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  • All of our packages include the following features:
  • Data Reports: Where Your Music is Playing, Artist Overlap, Listener Demographics
  • Target Listeners: by Musical Taste, Age, Gender, Location
  • Target Popular Artists, Songs, and Genres
  • View Listener Details and Comments
  • Fan Collection and Management Tools
  • Ad Tools to Promote Your Music While it Plays
  • Post Upcoming Gigs to Fans
  • Integrate Links: Music Stores, Social Media, and Personal Websites
  • Support via e-mail & chat
*100 One-Time Sign-Up Bonus Plays
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Independent artists getting played right now
Pimlico Road
Pimlico Road

United Kingdom

Getting played to fans of:
The Magic Numbers, Simon & Garfunkel and more!

26,780 plays
768 fans
Shaun Paigan City Lights & Flashbacks
Shaun Paigan City Lights & Flashbacks

United Kingdom

Getting played to fans of:
Ben Howard, James Blunt and more!

48,872 plays
660 fans
Runaway Rodeo
Runaway Rodeo

VA, United States

Getting played to fans of:
Johnny Cash, Neal McCoy and more!

5,252 plays
107 fans

TN, United States

Getting played to fans of:
Kendrick Lamar, Common and more!

319 plays
3 fans
Customers on Radio Airplay
“With Radio Airplay's specific fan geographic targeting, I can get my music played wherever my fans are all over the world, without having to have a big label or hire an expensive radio promoter or distribution company!”
— DeDe Wedekind
“Radio Airplay has become an integral part of our promotional campaign. We've seen great results with fans from all over the world. Promoting on Radio Airplay has increased sales and airplay on other internet sites.”
— Jon Fiore
“Radio Airplay fits perfectly into my promotional plans. Unlike many other sites that musicians use to promote their music, this platform is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. I plan on using this platform in many of my upcoming interviews, features, and articles as a quick and easy way for fans to connect with me.”
— Andrea Godin
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Blogs on Radio Airplay
“Bands don’t break out without some sort of promotion, whether that is paid for by their labels, or earned through new kinds of algorithmic and social promotion we are seeing with online music services.”
“If a band's fans say they remind them of U2; then that band can now target airplay to U2 fans only.”
“It is a service that delivers everything it promises.”
“ has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes a friend to the musician community.”