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I'm having problems uploading my song(s) to Radio Airplay.


Please ensure the file you are uploading is an .mp3 file less than 10MB in size. Radio Airplay is currently not accepting any other file formats. If you are having trouble converting your current files into .mp3 or need to decrease the size of your MP3 file, please utilize the conversion tools on these additional sites:

If you have iTunes installed, Apple has an online guide on how to convert songs in iTunes, here: - You may be prompted by an advertisement for an audio converter (AVS), DO NOT download any software. - Please note that this software lets you select different "output formats." You want to select ".MP3 (.mp3 files)" and we recommend selecting High 192kbit/s for the quality.

If you still can't get your song uploaded, please email your file to and make sure to include the following:
- send song file as an email attachment
- email address on your account
- confirm artist name and song title
- make subject of the email "Help uploading file"

Can I edit/remove songs?


From your dashboard menu go to the "Artist Content" section and click "Songs." This interface will allow you to utilize the "Edit Song" tool in order to Hide and/or Rename your song. Hiding the song will remove it from your live profile and make it unplayable to listeners.

I'm having problems uploading my photo(s) to Radio Airplay?


Picture files should be in JPG format, no larger than 5Mb and/or 600x480 pixels (no exceptions). We recommend that your default picture is square (ideally 200x200). If you are encountering problems you can always send us your photo file as an e-mail attachment to so we can try your photo upload from here. Be sure to include the following:
- attach photo file you would like uploaded
- email address on your account
- make subject of the email "Help uploading file"

How do I transfer music from Soundcloud?


As an alternative to the standard upload option, if you already have music on, you can use the "Connect With Soundcloud" option to import your songs to your account. Please note that this is just an option for transferring music files though, it does not link your RadioAirplay/ and account or stats together in any way.

Before importing any music, check to make sure your account is set to "Public" and also that you have your Soundcloud tracks set to "Downloads Enabled" so Soundcloud will allow the transfer. You can change those settings back in your Soundcloud account, once you import the songs.

ONLY songs from Soundcloud which are in MP3 format and under 10 MB in file size will be able to import to your Radio Airplay profile successfully. Any non-MP3 or larger-sized songs will have to first be downloaded from your Soundcloud account to your computer, so you can then do a conversion/size reduction, and then upload it directly to your Radio Airplay account page from there. Here's a free site you can use to do those file conversions/size reductions:

How can I add my video?


From your dashboard menu click "Artist Content" and select "Videos". Click the "Add Video" button and in the popup form supply your Video Title and the YouTube link. Your YouTube link can be found be going to your video on YouTube and then clicking the 'Share' button. The URL they supply can be submitted in that field. Click Update and your video will be added.

Where does my music get played?


Your song(s) are played and promoted in listener stations on, an internet radio site with over 8 million registered users. All plays are to listeners that are current users on the, website and Jango Radio iOS and Android mobile apps. Your music is played to listeners who are tuned into the artist stations that you select as target artists. For example, if you select 'Madonna' as one of your Target Artists, it means that listeners of the Madonna station will hear your song(s).

If you do have a moment, take a minute or two to visit as a listener to gain that perspective and station experience. It will be so much easier to understand exactly how your music will be presented. Search for one of your favorite artists and have a listen for a bit. You'll most likely have a Radio Airplay artist such as yourself pop up into your station.

What are play credits?


Credits are needed in order for your song(s) to be placed into rotation on artist stations. 1 play credit is equal to 1 standard targeted play to a unique lisener currently tuned into an artist station on Once the play credit is applied to a song, it's only used when a listener has heard the song playing in an artist station that you have chosen to target. You can manage and use your play credits from the "Play Credits" menu on your Radio Airplay dashboard.

How do I use/apply my play credits


From your dashboard menu click "Play Credits" and select "Use Credits" in the drop down menu. In the "Manage Play Credits" section you can hover over "Apply Credits" and "Remove Credits" to reveal a drop down menu where you can select the denominations you wish to add or remove to/from a particular song on your list. Once credits are applied, the song(s) will begin rotation shortly after. Removing play credits from a song will return them to your "available" credits total and can be used later or on another song.

How frequently am I being played?


The rate at which you are played is based on your current package, the number and popularity of artists chosen as artist targets, as well as any additional targeting options you may have enabled. Once play credits are applied, the options in your play settings can help increase or decrease your play rate. The "Play Speed" option, and your list of "Artist Targets" can both be found by going to your "Campaign Settings" menu and choosing the "Standard Targeting" page. If you're seeing a low play rate, you can always try adding more artists to your "Artist Targets" list. A max of 30 artists can be selected. The more artists you have, and the more popular those artists are among listeners, the wider your available audience and faster your play rate will be. You can also try increasing your "Play Speed" settings. The four options you have to choose from are Normal, Fast, Faster, and Warped Speed.

What are Artist Targets?


Your "Artist Targets" are the popular artists and bands within the Jango Radio catalog, who you'll be associated with and played alongside in listener stations. You can select up to 30 artists per "Artist Targets" list. For best results, try to select very similar artists to you in sound and style, so your songs are played to the best potential audience.

My Songs are all very different from each other. Can I select different targeting for each song?


Yes, you can use "Song-Level Targeting" on any or all of your individual songs. You can select this from your dashboard's "Campaign Settings" menu and choose the "Song Level Targeting" page. For details and instructions on song level targeting please click here.

How does basic geographic targeting work?


Basic geo-targeting can be found under your "Campaign Settings" menu by clicking Standard Targeting. By default, your music will reach listeners worldwide. However, when you select states/countries we will try to focus your plays in those specific areas. Please note that standard targeting does not guarantee that your music will be played in those areas. If you want to require your music be played ONLY in certain geographic areas, you will need to enable your "Premium Targeting" option.

What is Premium Targeting?


Premium Targeting is an optional feature that guarantees a more specific target audience when play credits are used. 1 basic targeted play costs 1 play credit each time your song is played to a targeted listener. When Premium Targeting is enabled 1 premium targeted play will cost 2 play credits. With Premium Targeting we will guarantee that your music is played only to the listeners in your specifically targeted region(s) and demographic/age group(s).

What is my Promo Unit?


Your artist "Promo Unit" appears to your listeners when a paid play occurs. A paid play is a play that uses a play credit. There are six different Promo Units available and they're all geared to fit your current campaign needs. Click here for more detailed information.

How can I view my profile and hear my song(s)?


Your profile is located at You can view and hear your uploaded material at any time by clicking the "Public Profile" link on the top right hand corner of your artist dashboard. You can also go to and search for your artist name in the search bar to pull up your profile.

How do I reach my fans?


There are a number of different ways you can reach your fans:

1. RadioAirplay to Listener: Choose the "Listeners" menu on your dashboard and then click "Fans." On this page you will see you have two different options of messaging them. You can choose to message an individual fan by selecting the envelope icon next to their name or you can choose the "Mass Email" option. Mass emails will be sent to all of your fans and can be sent a max of 2 times a week. Keep in mind the messages sent from this section do NOT get sent to your fans' personal emails addresses. Anyone who has become your fan will be notified when they have new messages from you as soon as they log into their account, right at the top of their screen. We grabbed the highest value "screen real estate" and dedicated it to improving your connection with your fans.

2. Utilize shared email addresses outside of When your fans choose to share their email address, they get saved in the "Email Addresses" section. You can view this page by going to the "Listeners" menu. From this section you download all shared email addresses and message them outside of the RadioAirplay platform from your email to theirs.

3. Facebook: From your "Listeners" menu choose the "Fans" page. In the listings of your fans, you can see that some have the Facebook icon next to their name. You can click on it to reach their Facebook profile and then send them a friend request and message them directly on Facebook.

Can I sell my music and make it available for download?


The platform provides airplay on internet radio sites such as There is no direct sales or downloads of song files available from the Radio Airplay service at this time. Any music sales or downloads would be provided by external online store(s) and links that you can add to your account information and make available to your Jango fans and listeners. If you would like to promote any of these sites where your music is available for download or sale, you can go to the "Artist Content" menu and choose the "Info & Links" page. Your Jango listeners will be able to access any of these shared links from your "Promo Module" and your Profile.

What is Popscore?


PopScore is your artist's weekly performance rating on Radio Airplay. A PopScore week starts on Monday and ends at 11:59pm ET on Sunday. PopScores range from 1-100 with 100 being the highest score possible. Please note: Your PopScore is not a chart position; it is your artist's personal performance rating. Listeners rate your music when they hear it. These ratings count towards your PopScore. PopScore will fluctuate on a daily basis based on these ratings. We will publish your final PopScore (and credit the winners) every Monday based on the previous week's plays. Only Paid Plays count towards the Airplay PopScore and only songs that received at least 100 paid plays are eligible. Click here for more details on PopScore.

How do I receive Popscore?


You will receive a PopScore when at least one song on your profile has accumulated at least 100 Paid Plays (i.e. make sure one song has at least 100 play credits applied and uses all of them within a Mon-Sun PopScore week). You are only eligible to win PopScore free plays if your profile is subscribed to a monthly Radio Airplay package.

How are the Top 10 Artists/Songs chosen?


Each week 10 artist profiles and 10 songs are chosen to be featured in our Popscore email and weekly newsletter. Our top 10 artists are the artists who had the 10 best PopScores from that specific airplay week. They are each awarded with 1000 play credits. The top 10 songs are chosen by the station managers at out of all top performing PopScore songs in a specific airplay week. Those top 10 songs are then placed on the Ear Poppin' New Music station for that week. Please note you must be eligible to receive PopScore to be considered for the top 10 lists. All top 10 lists can be viewed each week at the Radio Airplay Blog.

What is the difference between One-time Boost & Monthly Package?


A One-Time boost is a single purchase of play credits in addition to your package. You must be subscribed to a monthly package in order to be eligible to purchase One-Time boosts. One-Time boosts are great if you run out of play credits before your next automatic renewal, or just want to allocate more play credits to a newly uploaded song.

Does Radio Airplay cost anything?


There is no cost or billing info required to create and upload songs to a free Radio Airplay account. With a free account, you can receive free play credits every week. As long as you log in, apply, and use the previous week's play credits, we will add 10 free play credits to your account every Wednesday.

How can I change my credit card on file?


You can change/update your billing information any time by going to the "Home" menu on your dashboard and choosing the "Your Account" page. Deleting your existing card will cancel any monthly package that your account is currently subscribed to. Once your billing information is updated, you can always buy more play credits any time by going to the "Play Credits" menu and clicking the "Buy Credits" page. Please note that nothing else about your account or existing credits will be affected by updating your credit card information. Subsequent purchases with your updated billing information will still include any bonuses you receive on your monthly packages.

How can I change my email and/password?


From your dashboard menu click "Home" and select "Your Account." Enter a new email address and/or password and click Update.

How do I choose what Radio Airplay e-mail I receive?


From your dashboard menu click "Home" and select "Notifications." Next to each type of notification are On and Off options. Once your notification on/off selection has been made, your settings are automatically updated and saved.

How do I cancel my monthly package?


From your dashboard menu click "Play Credits" and select "Buy Credits" in the drop down menu. To cancel your package, click "Cancel" which will be located next to the current package you are subscribed to. Your subscription will cancel immediately and you will not be set to re-bill. Please note this won't remove any play credits already associated with the account.

How can I cancel my airplay account?


Please send your cancel request to and be sure to include your artist name, e-mail address associated with your account, and reason for cancellation.